We’re a group of designers, builders, developers, dreamers, and doers on a mission to make the world more spellbinding through experiences that feel like magic or the movies.


With backgrounds in anthropology, entertainment, software design, electrical engineering, video production, photography, and business consulting, we take an interdisciplinary approach to crafting everything we make. Our non-traditional backgrounds empower us to look at problems and opportunities from unique angles, creating solutions and experiences that couldn’t have been created otherwise.


We make crazy concepts possible because we spend our time charting uncharted territories. Developing new ways for people to question reality by hiding technology in everyday objects? Check. Making battery-powered weatherproof electronics that receive signals from miles away? Check. Creating new forms of laser tag? Check. If the words “wouldn’t it be cool if” ever cross our mind, chances are we’re prototyping it by the afternoon.



Design shops often specialize in one industry and that’s the only lens they see the world through. For example, you might get a laser tag company that decides escape rooms are a good market, and suddenly you have games that have boring puzzles, a story that’s a snooze fest, and a look that’s suspiciously like the walls of a laser tag arena. They’ve got one hammer and they’ll use it for every metaphorical nail.


We, however, come to each project with fresh eyes. By carefully considering the venue, audience, budget, and our client’s needs and vision, we create truly unique experiences that have no equal.






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